Who is Sylvia Marie

Sylvia Marie, MSW, MFT, LCSW

Sylvia Marie going for a ride


Sylvia's wisdom, experience and practical skills guide students and clients to remember and open to their deepest self, inner light, and joyful life. She shares her self, her experience, and her understanding of the healing, organizing power of Universal energies which creates and fuses our earth spirit lives.

Sylvia Marie has an MSW from UCLA, and is licensed as an LCSW and MFT. Combining forty plus years of energy, healing and body work with psychotherapy, spiritual practices and transformational tools, her practice includes Vianna's DNA ThetaHealing®, Jin Shin Jyutsu®, breathwork, Meditation, Zero Balancing®, Plant Spirit Medicine, and aikido principles.

Since early childhood Sylvia has known that each person carries a light within, and each has access to universal wisdom. Her work fosters tools, skills, and remembering this light so that individuals and communities may live consciously as spirit on earth.

Nature heals. The rhythm of the earth heals. The flowers, plants, animals, earth and stars constantly emit their vibrations and tones for us to receive and to acknowledge our Oneness with the Universe. Sylvia expresses her love of plants through creating Living Earth Essences® (flower essences and herbal preparations) and Clear & Vibrant® Skin Care products.

Sylvia works and teaches on a hilltop outside Sebastopol, CA and leads retreats at Huckleberry Hathaway Woods near Point Arena, CA.