Theta Healing®


Make positive changes in your life by using the amazing ThetaHealing® Techniques which were channeled to medical intuitive and naturopath, Vianna Stibal from Source/Creator. Vianna used these techniques to cure herself of terminal cancer. She continues to use them to heal clients throughout the world, having given over 30,000 readings so far. With these simple yet powerful tools, you can train your mind to go to the Theta state and tap into the amazing healing/manifesting powers that reside in each one of us. By calling upon Source, focusing your intent, and witnessing the process, profound changes can take place.

Theta HealingThetaHealing® works with the deepest part of our subconscious to find the beliefs we carry which prevent us from experiencing and sharing the powerful light within ourselves. It transforms these beliefs instantaneously, replacing them with the positive core beliefs which allow us to express our true potential, purpose and power. 

Using the Theta Brain Wave to access your unconscious mind, you can choose the beliefs you want to create or keep, and release the ones that no longer serve you. Changing core beliefs through the Four Level Belief Work aligns and heals the powerful triad of our subconscious mind, body and spirit, and opens the door to fully receive the gifts the universe has to offer.

ThetaHealing® is the re-emergence of a simple and effective ancient art. It is a comprehensive healing modality, in which the physical healings and the repatterning of underlying thoughts flow from the pure infinite source of energy of the "All That Is". In the theta brain wave state intuition comes, instantaneous healings take place and accelerated learning occurs. Einstein trained himself to spend many hours in this frequency. In the theta state we feel one with the Universe.

I invite you participate in this evolutionary awakening process.

Contact Sylvia to experience miraculous shifts in consciousness for yourself through individual sessions, or take the next step and learn ThetaHealing to bring about changes in consciousness for yourself.