CLEAR & VIBRANT SKIN CARE:  "Must have more face cream with Squalane. What a difference. I used one on half of face and none on other. What a difference! Must have 7 more. Thanks"


The ThetaHealing class was spectacular....the group of women drawn to this class were exceptional, and your teaching deep, flowing and magical. Learning in the beautiful open environment of your mountaintop classroom was such a bonus.  Thank you so much for sharing your gifts and dedication to Vianna's ThetaHealing extraordinary healing modality, and the way you have woven it into your own healing ways.

Intuitive Anatomy Course
I attended Theta Healing Level 1 and 2, Advanced and the Intuitive Anatomy Class with Sylvia Marie.  Within each class, I learned a tremendous amount and found myself growing and evolving exponentially. Sylvia Marie is a gifted teacher and healer.  She brings her knowledge and over 35 years experience into the classroom and is able to meet each student exactly where they are in their own progress.  Particularly profound was the Intuitive Anatomy class where I discovered the healer within me.  Sylvia teaches and holds the space for deep work, inquiry and revelations.  She is a phenomenal practitioner with a true calling to do this work and I am happy she listened to the call. 
Elizabeth Cunningham, Santa Cruz, CA

I have just completed Vianna Stibal's, Thetahealing Intuitive Anatomy course, with certified teacher Sylvia Marie, and it was awesome. The class was held in a very beautiful, natural setting, while Sylvia provided an atmosphere that was supportive and caring, as well as informative.  Her awareness of the body¹s physiology, energy/body work, nutrition and health issues allowed her to easily respond to our numerous questions.  The opportunity to be a part of this particular 3-week training with Sylvia was a special blessing from Source, and I am grateful to them both.

Veronica d¹ Rose, Min., MI, RM
Thetahealing Certified Teacher, Level I, II & Advanced
Thetahealing Practitioner since 1999

Hello Sylvia
I wanted to take a moment to thank you for such a wonderful class.  I learned a lot.  It is similar to some work I am doing and learning, yet in some ways I like it more.  You are a fabulous teacher.  The whole Experience, everyone in the class, your beautiful studio and the feeling on the land was more than I had hoped for.  I look forward to doing more with you.  I feel like I am synthesizing today.
Thank you again, Sylvia.

122 days ago your Theta Healing class transformed my life so totally and so painlessly that I would gladly drive four hours each way each day to gain more skill and knowledge! 
Thank you very much Sylvia.

I have had the privilege of completing coursework under Sylvia¹s highly capable instruction: Theta Medical Intuitive Advanced Level 2, and Theta Intuitive Anatomy, a three week intensive, which elevated my confidence as a professional Theta Practitioner immensely. She has personally assisted me in healing late stages of Lyme disease, and residual PTSD  from childhood abuse. I could not help but express my heartfelt gratitude toward her for the loving contribution she has made to my life; for bringing me a sense of wholeness and hope; for the powerful contribution she has made to me as an established professional and successful Certified Theta Medical Intuitive.

I highly recommend her professional instruction, as I believe she has one of the most experienced spiritual life-holistic approaches. This truly creates a fundamental learning foundation for her many appreciative students. Her perspective on health is very grounded and her skill level is superior. I feel blessed by her continuing support and her memorable contribution touches me very deeply.

Rev. Gull
Minister, chaplain, theta practitioner

Thanks you so much for your class. I enjoyed it. I was happy with the results. Your property is beautiful! The food and Cam¹s participation was wonderful.



Hi Sylvia Marie, Thank you for sharing the Jin Shin Jyutsu class. Your demonstration of how the SEL's arise or are created from one another, and their interrelationship really helpd me understand the depths better. And I'm much more aware of where/when my breath gets caught/held in my body. I'm consciously releasing and intending to rebalance as I go through daily activities in a way I wasn't before, and it's very helpful.

The sense of harmony as we worked, ate and shared together was very nurturing. After holding space for others, I was really ready for some renewal time. Thank you for creating that.

Jean, body worker, Oregon

Hi Sylvia,
So one of my sisters turned me on this "Strong Women" contest to enter an essay of 100 words or less about a woman I have been inspired by and why. I chose you! I thought you might like to read it: My mentor/therapist Sylvia Marie has inspired me in the way she is both strong and soft, as a woman. She never shys away from being real, even in rough times and hard emotions, and she doesn¹t get thrown off by the trances I sometimes live by! She shows up in  all her "humanness", not hiding behind a professional façade. At the same time she "holds the container" nice and strong so  some hard work can get done! She has shown me it doesn¹t have to be either or, and that in fact as women, we can be strong AND soft!

Denise, Somatic Counselor