Schedule a Session

Sylvia offers individual appointments at her office in Sebastopol, CA 
(Northern California). Telephone appointments are also available. 

Schedule and individual session with Syvia Marie for:

  • Specific life challenges - physical, emotional, mental or spiritual
  • To grow in spiritual awareness and sense of life purpose.
  • regular or periodic tune ups
  • rebalancing 
  • to reduce stress
  • maintain, regain, and support health

An individual session may include:

  • ThetaHealing®
  • Zero Balancing®
  • Psychotherapy & Energy Work
  • Guided Imagery
  • Integrative Breathwork
  • Herbal support
  • Holistic healing tools and techniques blended and customized for you

 To schedule an appointment: e-mail: or call 707.829.1772