Living Earth Essences®

The abundance of the plant world provides flowers, leaves and roots that transform into the healing medicines of flower essences, tinctures, salves, hydrosols, and more.

Let me introduce my friends...
I make essences of the flowers on our land, listening to them, attuning to them, and the qualities that they offer.

Each of these flowers offers itself, its essence, its healing presence to those that accept and resonate with the plants' offer to share. The plants’ groundedness and consistency of earth-based consciousness makes their offer to share with humankind very appealing and important.

These essences are a gift from nature to assist us to reestablish harmony, flow, and to strengthen in us the specific qualities and gifts that the plant spirit has offered.

Each plant and flower, like each person, has many characteristics, aspects and qualities that stand out at different times, in different situations with different people. While there are constant themes for a particular essence, in another time and place, with another person, a flower or plant may emphasize other attributes, as any friend does.

As the essence of a flower quietly, gently calls, and makes its presence known to you, take a few moments to listen to its loving beauty and partake of and share in the life giving, healing energies.

What Are Flower Essences?

Flower essences are subtle, yet powerful allies to invite into your life to assist your consciousness in awakening to your true spirit and sunlight. Flower essences, liquid solutions made from the flowers of a plant, carry the essential vibratory energy pattern of the plant. Each flower essence is a unique pattern of energy that embodies the specific attributes of the plant species.

How Do Flower Essences Work?

Each plant sings its vibratory note, carrying its qualities into the atmosphere, contributing to the symphony of the whole. When you interact with a flower essence, you are inviting the spirit of the essence to meet and influence your spirit. The essence of a flower meets your essence, your spirit. The essences of plants and flowers resonate in your body at a subtle level, touching the energetic patterns of your emotional and mental bodies.

As you open yourself to a flower's beauty, the same qualities that the flower embodies, awaken in you. Whether or not you are aware of this interaction and relationship, the essence will gently nudge and influence your spirit, eventually bringing to light and dissolving the patterns not in harmony with your spirit. The essences won't force you to give up your separateness and accept their gifts. They are a soft gentle presence waiting for an opening to join with you.

As your spirit is touched by the essence of the flower's resonant beauty and qualities, your own essential matching energies are highlighted and brought to the foreground of your being. Their special qualities and patterns of light create a powerful opportunity to dissolve the learned patterns which are no longer in harmony with your nature.

Following are brief descriptions of the flower essence qualities.
Just as with people, the essences have many additional qualities that may emerge at times, depending on when and with whom they are interacting.

Flower Essences

Restores and supports the balance for one’s independence and individuated strength in the world. Restores and supports the balance of mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual systems for trusting one’s own resourcefulness, guidance, and vitality.

Sweet Pea
Restores and supports the vibrancy of one’s unique expressive ray of delicacy and sweetness (the unseen subtle strength) as one trusts in one’s base of support and presence in the moment.

Douglas Iris
Assists in aligning with one’s vibration of clear seeing into the world. Supports the expansion into the healing flow of one’s purity and clarity of vision with simplicity, self-confidence and forthrightness.

Assists one in returning to the experience of grounded quiet strength of the core solar source of one’s being; slowing the mind and energy system activities to a more neutral pace, to experience the ease of the clear depth of field available in each moment.

Supports a bold sensitive presence; a willingness to be seen, a nakedness in all of the purity of one’s essence, acknowledging one’s own attributes.

Strengthens the flow of connectedness from base/core to open hearted presence, recognizing symphonic oneness and individual timing.

Ornamental Onion
Assists in the renewal of a secure youthful wholesomeness, with a steadfastness. Assists in recovering from emotional wounds.

Assists in tempering the life force light, fine tuning the brightness to the environmental moment, with qualities of pure undying love, a gentle, cool, bright, pliable, resilient presence.

Being; embodied.

Assists one in polishing the mirror, the window through which one’s specific rays of the Universal whole refract.

Belladonna Lily
Assists in calling out the power and beauty stored in one’s inner essence; drawing out the inwardly contained to bask in the sunlight of the mature summer, and vibrate with the display of the abundance of their beauty and sensuality.

Assists one into an experience of expansion of the heart, into love and connection, beyond the fears.

Flowering Cherry
Assists in honoring one’s source of being, the flow of spirit through the generations, and the glorious flowering displays of beauty.

Flannel Bush
Assists one to feed on the sun’s inspiration, to be inspired into new growth. Assists in letting go of what is no longer useful; the exhale.

White Sage
Assists in clearing the clutter, the thought forms, the scattered extraneous  energies, so that one may more readily focus on the essential core energies as spirit moves through the form and flow.

Coast Redwood
Assists in experiencing resilient strength. “Sense me to connect with uprightness, vitality, resilience.”

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Herbal Salves

The Herbal Salves are made from medicinal plant material infused in a base of organic virgin olive oil, with beeswax and Vitamin E.
Different salve combinations are frequently added.

Yarrow Salve
Yarrow is hemostatic, astringent, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. It is a great blood remedy, used for cuts, bruises, varicose veins, hemorrhoids and other "stagnant blood" situations. In a "down to the bone" deep cut, gushing blood, it can stop the bleeding and heal the wound quickly. It also tonifies the skin.

Herbal Magic Salve for Skin, Tissue & Nerves       
Ingredients: Calendula, Saint John’s Wort, Yarrow, Boneset, Solomon’s Seal (all organic or ethically wildcrafted) in a base of organic virgin olive oil, with beeswax and Vitamin E.

Herbal Magic Salve for Joints, Muscles & Nerves   
Ingredients: Solomon’s Seal, Gravel Root, Prickly Ash, White Oak Bark, Yarrow, St. John’s Wort (all organic or ethically wildcrafted) in a base of organic virgin olive oil, with beeswax and Vitamin E.

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