Integrative Breathwork


integrative breathwork
The breath is our experience of aliveness. It is the life force moving throughout the body.  The intent of focused breathwork is to allow the experience of aliveness to circulate more deeply through our body and consciousness. Through breathwork we may experience the body's connection to the emotions and the mind. Using the breath, we can clear the body cellularly of old unwanted emotions, beliefs, and energy patterns, creating more spaciousness in our cells for the ongoing enjoyment of life in each moment of life's experience.

We generally have learned patterns of breathing that do not fully oxygenate ourselves.  So often in our daily life our body cells, are functioning at a subsistence level. Enough oxygen does not come in to wash each of the cells. In addition to storing toxins from food and air pollution, we also have a storehouse of emotional memories, old family patterns, and our reactions to them. [When we come into the world, we take on by osmosis our parents' patterns.  These patterns and our reactions to them become an unconscious "mindset" in the brain, which has a chemical, cellular base in the body.] For many people, when changes are desired, talk therapy does not have enough impact on their mind's preconditioning to trigger the chemical changes which will clear the old conditioning out of the body.

As we experience Integrative Breathwork, a natural, effortless full breath in, (through the throat, down through the body, as far down the body as can be sensed without pushing or efforting), and letting the breath out, we are not forcing any breathing techniques. This process super oxygenates the blood and the cells.  As we do this, the fresh oxygen moving through the cells starts to stir up, clear, and wash the cells of anything unneeded.

The breath itself, does this work.  We only need to consciously give our attention to breathing fully in and out, setting a conscious intention to clear, and be willing to open to our experience. As the stagnated, outdated patterns leave the cells, there is more space.  More space in the body and mind, allows us the ability to more fully experience our living on this earth in a moment-to-moment way; and frees us to have different points of view about events as they occur.  We are empowered to choose a more fulfilling or joyful perspective.

As infants and young children, some of the things we experienced in our surroundings may have felt too overwhelming to fully experience. When an emotional or traumatic event frightens us, the body as a means of self-preservation, begins to close down the free flow of vertical energy by horizontal bands of constriction, known as "energy blocks".  As we breathe, the oxygen flow will start to loosen these tensions in their appropriate order.

Integrative Breathwork, allows the oxygen to flow into these constricted areas and naturally release the tensions, so that energy  can be processed through the system in a harmless way. This breathwork  assumes that the body has an intelligence, and given our  willingness, and conscious oxygen in and out, we will dissolve anything not currently useful to us.  We need only be open, loving, and give space to the process.

During a breathwork session, the therapist helps create a safe space for fully releasing energy blocks, healing emotional wounds, integrating new openings, and experiencing aliveness. The breathwork participant, controls the pace of release and expansion. Integrative Breathwork offers a safe, accelerated journey through the layers of conditioning, into our essence and back, soul connected and empowered to live and express our aliveness in life's adventure.