Clear and Vibrant Skincare®

“I created Clear & Vibrant® Face Cream in 2001 for my personal use, to have a healing and protective moisturizer for my skin that contained healthy ingredients. Recently,  I added raw honey from my beehives to the formulas, and love the results.” Sylvia

Sylvia makes Clear & Vibrant® Skin Care products in small batches her kitchen.
Made with the finest healing, protective ingredients and loving care.
No synthetic or paraben (petroleum-based) preservatives.

"Must have more face cream with Squalane. What a difference. I used one on half of face and none on other. What a difference! Must have 7 more. Thanks" Lori,  Los Angeles

“Thank you for the gift of the face cream. I can already feel its benefit.” KW, California

“Thank you for sending me a tube of your face cream. I just tried it and it feels wonderful on my skin, which happens to be extremely dry these days with the very cold weather.” DI, New York

“I love your moisturizer. I had noticed a difference in my skin, which is very dry, when I did not have any cream for about a month.” Debra, NYC

“Thank you for making the face cream for me. I really like what it does for my skin!” LW, Maryland

“I am so enjoying the Clear and Vibrant facial cream. It is wonderful! …I want to pass it along to  some of my family and friends.” LG, California

“Please don’t stop making this wonderful face cream! I was out on a visit to Occidental & Hand Goods, and discovered your ethically priced, yet very effective face cream! What a small miracle that I found you! I have very combination/oily/sensitive skin with periodic adult acne and a stubborn dry patch that’s always been on my right cheek. Guess what? No more dry patch and my skin has never been so soft….Nothing else has worked so beautifully and been so affordable. I want to tell all my friends.”  DB, California

"When I put your product on my face, my face feels loved. Yours is the only cream I use." Diane M, Los Angeles

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